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Hitachi is a company with nominating committee, etc. under the Companies Act of Japan. In June 2003, we changed our organizational design, separating the oversight of management from execution of management. By demarcating responsibilities for management oversight and those for the execution of business operations, Hitachi is working to create a framework for nimble operations, while making management highly transparent.
In June 2012, we ensured that 7 of the 13 members of our Board of Directors were independent directors*, and that some of these independent directors were non-Japanese. These changes will help us to establish management that reflects diverse global perspectives and strengthen our supervisory functions.
Starting in June 2015, Corporate Governance Code of Japan (the "Code") was applied to companies listed on Japanese stock exchanges. In 2012, Hitachi formulated and published Corporate Governance Guidelines as a set of enhancing principles and as a framework for corporate governance that includes criteria for determining the roles and composition of the Board of Directors, director appropriateness and the independence of independent directors.
Hitachi agrees with the basic approach of the Code, which is that the Code's appropriate implementation will contribute to the development and success of companies, investors and the Japanese economy as a whole through individual companies' self-motivated actions, so as to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value over the medium- to long-term. Moving forward, Hitachi will work to further strengthen corporate governance.

The "Independent Directors" are the directors who fulfill the qualification requirements to be outside directors as provided for the Companies Act of Japan and also meet the independence criteria defined by the Company and those provided by Japanese stock exchanges where the Company is listed.

Corporate Governance Guidelines